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We love to cycle around our region, and our personal experience is the best database to make the cycling routes one of our specialties. We can give you advice or indicate you some road or mountain routes, where you will enjoy the breathtaking landscape, discovered at low speed.


Don´t hesitate to ask us, we can help you to plan your own cycling trip, mainly in our region. Here you have two good examples, the first one a pure mountain bike route (but you can do it carefully with a trekking bike), and the second is a god mix of asphalt roads and excellent forest tracks.





This is one of the most wonderful routes you can cycle in the Valencia province, and runs on an old railway track. This railway route links Alcoi and Gandia in the past, running alongside the Serpis river, another reason to be even more beautiful.


We heard some news about the possibility of the conversion of this route to an asphalt road… bad news for the cyclist, but really good ones for the people of L´Orxa, because they´ll have Gandia much more closer than now.


Gandia is the centre of  La Safor region, and if you catch a train from Valencia with your bike, is the closer point you can get. Once there, you´ve got to heading south, and once you left Gandia on the main road, there´s a junction with a sign on the right indicating our next objective: the village of  Villalonga. It´s about 10 kilometers of perfect asphalt road, most of it flat terrain. There´s a square once you pass the Guardia Civil station, turn right then and you´ll leave the village in a while. The next thing to do is turn left on another asphalt road, getting into a valley full of orange grooves. Little by little, this landscape turns into the typical Mediterranean forest once we begin to see the mountain terrain.

You will see now some buildings as you get into an area called La Reprimala, with a great fountain of mineral water and a bar, a perfect place to fill your bottles and have a sandwich. In that point, you´ll find the hardest part of the route, because you´ve got to climb to a quarry, still active. Take care because you can find a lorry on the road. Once you cross the quarry, there´s a road to the left that goes downhill for a bit and then you´ve got to climb again to reach the first tunnel of the old railway track.


You´ll cross two more tunnels and then everything´s quite easy… a beautiful road with the river by your right side, big mountains to your left. Later you´ll cross the river as you can see an old electrical power station, and as you cycle to L´ Orxa, the scenery makes a big change while you´re leaving the mountains. Instead of pine trees and bushes, now you´ll have almond trees and olive trees until you get to the old railway station, still preserve with some people living on it. A kilometre after the station, you´ll reach L´ Orxa, a lovely little village with a fountain and some picnic tables, the perfect place for a rest. Just opposite this area, there´s a forest track that leads you, if you´re still strong enough, to a hard climbing to the top of the highest mountain in the region called La Safor. If your legs are still in good conditions, it worth to reach the top, with fantastic views… and a good way to return because once you´re in the top of the mountain, the dirt track ends and a good asphalt road begins that runs downhill leading you to the quarry.




Esta ruta rodea un monte legendario llamado Montgó, de 753 mts. de altura, y nos permite ver sus dos vertientes, la norte y la sur, pertenecientes a Dénia y Xábia respectivamente. Son unos 26 kms. de una tranquila ruta que atraviesa diferentes paisajes mediterráneos. Se puede tomar cualquiera de las dos poblaciones como punto de partida, y en este caso, tomaremos Xábia como inicio.

Now we´re going to go from the Xabia port to the Denia port on an inland route, but quite different, much more attractive and amazing… secondary asphalts roads and dirt tracks crossing the Mediterranean landscape, under the shadow of the big and legendary mountain, El Montgó. You´ll see almond trees, oranges and vineyards, and some buildings from the past like little churches, windmills, wells or ponds, and even an old stone mine, where they extract Tosca, a very typical stone very used in the houses of the area, especially to make the archs on the front part of the buildings.

We´ll start in the Xabia port, and heading south on the road that goes to the Arenal beach. This strip of land is called el Muntanyar. Just before we get to the Parador Nacional de Xabia, we must turn to the right, and we´ll find a parallel road to the one we left. Cycle along that road a few meters (we have to cross a bridge over a water channel) and then turn to the right again to go to Els Benvinguts. It´s time to turn to the right again, and we´ll find another bridge, El Pont del Llavador, built in the 17th century to cross the Gorgos river.

Now we´re in the old road to Gata de Gorgos, and to the right we´ll see some valleys and el Montgó at the bottom of our view. Keep on cycling in this road until we arrive to Jesus Pobre, a perfect little village to have a drink or a sandwich and recover some energies.


Even it´s a 26 kilometers route, it´s not hard, and perfect to do it on april or may, before the hot summer. You don´t have to climb high mountains, so it´s a lovely and pleasant ride.

Once we left Jesus Pobre, we´ll cycle side by side with railway tracks for a while, just to get the outskirts of La Xara. Keep on cycling following the railway tracks, and you´ll see an old cement factory, now abandoned, and further away you´ll discover la Ermita de Santa Paula, a little church. After that, the next stop will be Denia´s port. To make a complete day, the best recommendation is have some lunch in one of the bars or restaurants in Denia´s port, and then take the boat to Xabia´s port. If you discover amazing landscapes cycling, the views from the boat are spectaculars. You´ll see incredible coves, high cliffs (around 200 meters above the sea level) and some marine life. Places like Cova Tallada or la Cala del Pope are nearly impossible to see if you´re not on a boat, so don´t miss the opportunity!







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